Fedenet is evolving into an FDN Group
31 OCTOBER 2019

Fedenet is evolving into an FDN Group

Fedenet is a powerful Digital Agency that has been active in the field since 2010. It has created a huge number of websites and online stores while at the same time it has undertaken complete Digital Marketing packages in very strong brands with strong budgets. It has contributed with innovative ideas and design implementations to the Branding of many companies and offers hosting services with safety and reliability.
In 2019 we take the next big step and create a complete and strong corporate presence to which we give the name FDN GROUP. The purpose of FDN GROUP is to develop and further develop the Digital Services offered by Fedenet so far and to combine them with integrated business strategic guidance, thus providing a unique package of services.

We grow and integrate new powerful executives in our potential and with our new facilities now create a modern and fully functional interface area 360m2.
Now we have the potential, expertise and experience to create a comprehensive strategic plan for each business pillar with new technologies and the Internet that are the basis for every modern enterprise.

Thank you for the trust you have shown us so far and we promise you even better, innovative and more complete services!