Customer Journey Map
26 NOVEMBER 2019

Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey Map  is the visual representation of each experiene that customers have, from the first contact with the company to checkout.  

In Digital marketing, understanding consumer behavior and interaction with your business is one of the major issues. But why include it in your business plan?

Through the Customer Journey is easy to understand the objectives and what led to the success or failure. In short, what do your consumers prefer and what exactly do they experience when they come in contact with your brand.

In addition it is a way to improve the relationship between your customer and your company.

Start by outlining the ideal persona and set your primary goals. Remember that it all starts with the customer's desire to buy. Potential customers go through the 5 stages of the so-called marketing funnel before making the purchase decision.

#1 AWARNESS – Meet the brand

Social media is now an integral part of everyday life and a place where marketing is constantly evolving.

Your potential customer's first contact can be through a social media campaign such as Facebook and Instagram.

Another way to get acquainted is through Google search engines. For example, the customer searches for the word "dresses" which triggers thousands of results that are related to that word. So think about having an e-shop with clothes and how important it is to appear in search results. The potential customer may not buy directly from your online store but most likely has seen the name of your business. This is how your business starts to gain recognition.

At this point we should mention that the consumer is flooded with dozens of advertisements known brand and not so it is important to properly manage your ads on social media in terms of targeting, description and content. In short, do not waste your money on those who are not willing to buy.

Finally, make sure that your company logo and name are always visible, so that they are imprinted in the customer's memory.

#2 CONSIDERATION- Market Study and Comparison

Once the consumer has seen somehow your brand the next step is the "transfer" of your online store. The customer is looking for, promoting and studying your products, most likely comparing prices with some of your competitors. Your online store is now the showcase of your business and you need to invest in it. Be sure to make it easy on the use and the pages load instantly.

#3 INTENT – Intention to buy

The potential customer has decided that he wants to buy the product from your store and proceeds to add to cart or wish list. Congratulations, you have won his intention to buy but he is still in the process of navigating inside your store. At this point you need to be clear about the terms of use, payment methods and return policy so that he does not leave his cart.


On checkout you've reached the final step of your goal. Complete success is that the customer is satisfied with the overall experience and contact with your online store to repurchase.

Invest in proper tactics remarketing by appropriate means of advertising and promotions. In short, stay in the sales game!

#5 LOYALTY- Loyal customer

After you have achieved all the above steps of Customer Journey, take care of your loyal customers. Sending a Newsletter or an offer is important in ensuring a relationship between the customer and your business.

Consumers not only want to make a purchase but to give them a unique experience with your product or service. That is why we make sure to provide the user a high level of experience and the creation of a long-term loyalty with consumers.

FDN Group takes care of both the performance of your website and the optimization of the consumer's journey through it. The specialized team of marketing can offer you various tactics and promotional methods depending on the needs of your business.